Why the story of my becoming

The story of my becoming is exactly that – a story of one becoming different versions of self through the process of growing. It is a reflection of the glorious and the grotesque that one encounters along the journey of adulthood. And a safe space that wrestles with the fact that this is not the “adulting” that most of us signed up for.

The genesis

In 2013, I wanted to create a space where I could share my collection of images during my obsession with print. And then I wanted to share my photos during my obsession with photography. And then my poetry…then I got bored.

The current

In 2020, with life coming at me fast, I started to spam my friends with essays of my reflections. To spare them, I decided that I needed a space where I could archive these thoughts for anyone who might be interested. And there it was, the rebirth of the process of me creating a memorial of my becoming.

The intent

This blog is a memorial of a life unfolding. Documenting love gained and lost, friendship and the journey of walking out my salvation with fear and trembling. As we all know, umntu akahambi yedwa, so this archive is also where I journey with others. Taking you with me through my ebbing and flowing. Us, growing up together. I hope you find healing here. I hope you find reflections of some of your experiences. I hope we can become, together.

I find her becoming,

this woman I’ve wanted,

who knows she’ll encompass,

who knows she’s sufficient,

knows where she’s going

and travels with passion.

Who remembers she’s precious,

yet not at all scarce—

who knows she is plenty,

 plenty to share.

-Jane Brown

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