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He said: let us hold hands and dance under this moon.

Let us romance, forget that we are mortal beings just these few moments.

Listen to the whispers in the wind, tonight it’s our orchestra.

Let’s laugh till the stars envy our lustrous smiles.
He said let’s make history.

Start our own rhythm and forget the blues.

Yes we have woes, but can we forget that we are clothed in fitted suits called skin for this one night?

Let’s make room for our bones, even just a window for them to breathe.

Tonight, with the moon bracing us with its fullness, the sky is pulling all the stops in cheering on these glorious moments.

Let’s pretend like these streets are our own, the mood is already set.

With street lights as our dim lights, let us slow dance.

Let’s imagine that tonight, God decorated the sky just for us.

With this night as our witness, let us make something beautiful, he said.

Only, he didn’t…

3 responses to “Make-Believe”

  1. This is beautiful….and true


    1. Strawberry Sunshine and Other things... Avatar
      Strawberry Sunshine and Other things…

      Thank you Phila. Humbled by people like you..


  2. […] that we’d live in 30 years from now (here is a sober and poet reflection on the situation: The idea of having to “slow down my feeling”, and to backtrack from the situationship […]


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