In my 23+ years, I have learnt a few things which I hope will  always  stick.


12 nuggets because that is half of my current age. I figure that I don’t have to be a 100% (24), if I am living in anything greater than 50% of who I want to be, then I am doing something right.

So I am writing 12 lessons not 24 because I am not yet all that I ought to be, but if there was a rating for where I am, I would be > than 50% and therefore above the ‘pass mark’. Always be above the ‘pass mark’.

  1. I have learnt that love is real, though we may not physically see, feel or touch it, it lives in each of us.
  2. Therefore, I have learnt to love infinitely & not to take myself so seriously.
  3. I have learnt that God is everywhere and you can see him in everyone.
  4. I have learnt that friendship is a gift & a treasure we all ought to enjoy.
  5. I have learnt that you never stop learning, never stop living & never stop loving.
  6. I have learnt that the essence of who you are is found not in what you were but in who you are working on becoming.
  7. I have learnt that with or without your consent, you are always becoming…something.
  8. I have learnt to cry out loud, (note the significance of this as I abhor wearing my hearth on my sleeve.)
  9. I have learnt that some people have the ability to make your heart smile, keep them!
  10. I have learnt not to betray myself. To constantly see beyond my now.
  11. Yet, I have also learnt to live in the now & to treasure it.
  12. Above all, I have learnt that I will never be done learning. With that said, many sequels to this are set to come.

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