For Charity

I wrote this poem for a friend of mine who was going through disappointment. I have subsequently found that it has been a pillar of strength for me when I go through stuff I don’t understand or disappointments. I hope it will do for you what it has done for me…..

Silence. All that remains is the thundering sound of her heartbeat.                                         Her thoughts are all puzzles. Juxta pieces that even she cannot unjumple.                         Mind racing. Blood rushing. Her heart hurting. The hurt piercing. Her scars so vivid. Her tears so vigorous.                                                                                                               She feared it. Yes, she feared it. She felt it. She knew it. Deep down she saw it. The hurt, the pain, the heartbreak, the heartache.

They all tell her to forget it but she cannot even forge a smile.
She will not fake or lie. Her heart doesn’t even wana try. All she can do is cry.                     Yet they say fake a smile!!

But the sun will shine again. Her tears will dry one day. Her heart will smile again.
If you don’t stay bitter for too long, you will see his goodness even through the storm.
Its true when they say let his kingdom come.
Coz then all you gotta do is remain calm and his peace will come calm the storm.

When your tears are dry. When your heart has forgiven. When the wrinkles in your eyes have forgotten and your lips have agreed to work synonymously with them to squint your eyes and force a smile, then remember: he did not forsake you through your darkness.
He did not dim his light but showered you with kindness.
Yes, he filled your heart with gladness. So don’t ever forget his goodness.

This one is for Charity. Friend, one day he will give you clarity.

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