Pieces of me…POEM VERSION

I give you pieces of me, without restraint. Unbarred.
All there is.
I give those unbattered, unbruised, unabused parts of my soul.
The parts that are reserved for unselfish, lavish, extravagant love.
I give you everything, even if it is but the little that remains untainted and untamed in me.

Will you delicately cup it in your hands.
Do that which I am too weak, too feeble and was never able to do.
Will you love it, for only you are  strong enough to revive it.
Will you re-ignite my passions, my dreams, those things that now seem like surreal distant memories to me.

Will you teach me again how to love myself.
How to dream.
Teach me how to feel. How to heal.
Lord, can I dream with you?
Can we go back to that image in Eden where we co-laboured.
Where the sound of your voice excited my soul.
Where my passion was you. My only desire was you. My very breath of life was you.

Will you show me again how it felt to know perfection?
How walking with you was my sole ambition.
How it felt to know true love not this disfigured, deformed version earth only knows.
Show me again those marks and scars that prove your love.
Teach my lifeless soul how to love perfection.

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