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I’ve learnt to praise you for who you are.                                                                                   To love you in all seasons, for love is not a feeling.                                                             Lord, you taught me how to feel, to be vulnerable.
I’ve learnt to kneel in your Holy presence.

I’ve learnt that all things are a gift, even this very breath.                                                         I’ve learnt to love you earnestly, to trust you honestly and to fully depend on you.                 I’ve learnt to laugh out loud, to let you shape me, to care, to share and my cross to bear.
Make me a drink offering oh Lord, I’m willing to let you pour me out.
Only you can take a heart of stone and make it flesh.                                                       Make a righteous man out of a sinner.
So here I am, vulnerable before your throne of grace. Pleading, Lord make me like Christ.

Help me love you with my entirety.                                                                                           That my very existence will be of service to you.                                                                 Help me worship you with my everything,                                                                             then @ your cross to base my everything.

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