She is YOU


She wears her black with pride,
Turns her head after every stride.
She is beauty.

She wears her scars as jewels.
Stretch-marks, her point of showing off.
She laughs with ease.

She knows who she is and whose she is,
Fear is terrified of her,
She is power.

She swings her hips from side to side, not to entice, she is magical.
Crowned with love for how she was made,
She inspires.

She is you.
Yes you. The little girl looking @ the mirror,
Glowing with passions.
The proud African queen. Everyone marvels @ how you love your skin.
Did you know they write songs ”talking bout your brown skin”?
The sensual women. They all look on in admiration, your confidence is what they desire.

You are the acclaimed African dream.
Don’t sell yourself short.
You are not the cheaper, plastic version of who he made you.
You are a dime.
Your riches, even you are yet to fully discover.
Africa is crowned with you.
It boasts about how you are its queen.

Ntombi zika Phalo, magqiyazana aseAfrika,Buhle bemvelo bobenu.
Iintombi ezinomkhitha.
Zithandeni. Zidleni. Kaniziqhenye.

She is strong. Yes, she can hold her own.
Yet she is vulnerable.

She is beauty. She is FINE.
She is real. She is true.
She is proud. She is YOU.
Yes, YOU!

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