Welcome to the story of my becoming

In this space, “together we unlearn the shame we shouldn’t carry”. And we live coram Deo. And detangle our complicated, to become the truest versions of ourselves right before each other’s eyes and before God.

Come become with me


An archive of a life

Random reflections on the weighty task of endeavouring to live truly and fully. Topics include:

  • Working out salvation as a 30-something Christian black woman
  • Love and friendship
  • Umgowo – loss, disappointment, heartbreak
  • Adulting – because this is not the “adult” I ordered!


“Poetry served in a loop” – S Dimaza

This blog contains a labour of love from trembling hands hard pressed by insecurity. And a desire to authentically reflect the reality of living and all that it means to be human, back to us all.

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